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Debt Collection

Many businesses fail to identify the importance of accounts receivable management and effective collection practices. If handled improperly, not only can poor collection efforts lead to cash flow problems for a business, but can directly contribute to business failure. At Keltic, our collectors will communicate with the debtor customers in an effort to collect the money owed to you. We will utilize various methods of communication including letters and emails as well as communication by telephone and direct contact in person resulting from a field call or debtor interview. Our experience and understanding of the negotiation process is our strong point. Extensive working knowledge of the legal process supports our efforts should it become necessary. This extends to Small Claims Court, Supreme Court and the attachment and execution processes. Our knowledge and experience increases effectiveness and results while reducing the cost of using the courts to enable recovery. Our fees are contingent on results…no collection, no charge. When we are successful in collecting money on your behalf, we charge only on the portion we collect. Our fee for commercial account collection follows a competitive sliding scale. Commercial rates apply to business accounts by registered companies or individuals that obtained the credit to conduct business. The business must still be active and operating. Volume, balance, and type of business are variables that effect commercial rates. Most commercial claim rates are less than 20%. Our commission rate structure enables us to thoroughly work each and every account assigned to us whether recovered or not. NETBACK is the objective…to deliver more money back to our client than any of our competitors with an equal volume of business based on effort, regardless of the rate charged. For more or specific information on rates please Contact Us directly to review the variables. Negotiated rates are available for large balance assignments and/or large volume assignments.

Final Notice Program

Keltic Collections offers qualifying clients a Final Notice Program that includes both letters and self-adhesive labels. Our distinctive “FINAL NOTICE” gets attention and delivers results. With clear indication of your intention to assign the account to collection should it remain unpaid, this notice enables you to establish the final date. With the date set, should the account remain unpaid, our timely follow up improves collection outcome. Should the account be paid prior to the final date you assigned, our service is free. We would be pleased to provide you with a complete overview of this program. For further information please Contact Us.

Credit Reporting

Based on the qualification, and authorization of our Client, both consumer and commercial collection assignments are uploaded to Equifax Canada’s credit bureau records. Reporting is ongoing throughout the life cycle of the account. Only when the account is paid in full will the credit bureau record reflect the account as paid. Our relationship with Equifax enables Keltic to verify information and use the credit bureau as a tracing tool in the effort to locate debtors. Reporting collection assignments often results in the debtor being forced to address payment of the debt as they continue to utilize credit.

Bailiff / Process Serving

Directly servicing Central Nova Scotia, including Colchester and portions of Hants, Halifax, Cumberland, and Pictou counties (SEE MAP) since 1969. Services include Repossession of all types of security, with full logistical support, Document Process Service; Supreme Court, Small Claims Court, Subpoena’s, and Tenancy matters such as Hearing Notices, Eviction Notices, and Commercial Rent Distress. A Commissioner of Oaths on staff expedites the provision of Affidavits. Full in-house tracing service support is available (see Skip Tracing). For further information please Contact Us.


With an accomplished career of over 35 years in the credit and collection industry, Vince Neary is the principal of Keltic Collections. Vince’s expertise includes commercial and consumer collection management, tracing, Small Claims Court, Supreme Court and Execution processes. Aside from his impressive experience in management, as well as communications and technology directly relative to the collection industry Vince is an accomplished training facilitator. Providing training in trace skills development, advanced collection techniques, and accounts receivable management, he has developed and provided seminars and workshops to over 1200 companies throughout Canada. Presently Keltic has available five fully developed training seminar and workshop products. Customized industry or client specific training is also provided in conjunction with our Consulting Services. Fees vary based on the training program selected and volume of participants. For further information please Contact Us.


In conjunction with management consulting services Keltic Collections provides seamless transparent service provision in all aspects of accounts receivable management. Whether your need is factored by staff shortage, illness, effective time management, or special project needs, we can help. Our professional management and staff have the flexibility to provide treatment to all aging of receivables on a customer service platform while maintaining client relationships. We simply become an extension of your credit department. Contact Us to discuss about how we can assist you.

Management Consulting

Our consulting services are focused specific to our clients needs. We provide process / system analysis and development of our clients procedures and operational routines. Our analysis leads to the generation of a comprehensive report mapping current procedures with recommendations on enhancements and changes that will improve cash flow, efficiency, and risk management. Working with our clients we assist in the development and implementation of new policies and work plans. Our services include technology and system development, human resource development, communication development, including training and support. For further information please Contact Us.

Personal Property Registration Services

With registered access of the A.C.O.L. system Keltic Collections provides registration services for Judgement Certificates, Conditional Sales Contracts, and product specific security registrations. We also provide searching services for liens and other forms of registered security. The fee for service is per registration or search performed. For further information please Contact Us.