Welcome to Keltic Collections


Keltic Collections originated in 1969, its founder Frank Hoyt set out to provide the business community with a professional collection agency, a service assisting clients to increase profits and reduce losses through the recovery of delinquent account receivable and bad debt. In April 2002, after Mr. Hoyt had secured Keltic Collections as the primary service provider to Colchester, Cumberland and Pictou Counties, the Company was rejuvenated with its purchase by Vince Neary, a collection professional servicing clients since 1977. With focus and direction, Keltic has expanded its services and subsequently, its growth, licensed in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island, serving Atlantic Canada. Our services have been extended over four decades and are historically recognized for professionalism, quality, and most importantly, results.

Advanced Technology

Keltic Collections utilizes state of the art technology in the collection effort. Advanced account management software with high-speed access to resource databases. We utilize on-line property record access and electronic access to government data bases to conduct searches and registration processes. Our Collect! Software platform enables us to effectively implement collection strategies, match and group files, ongoing interest calculations, as well as trust account management. The advanced contact management Collect! provides our collectors is industry leading and greatly contributes to our above average results. With Secure Authentication and Advance Encryption Security, our systems are protected. All this enables us to spend more time collecting bad debts and less time organizing and administrating, keeping our focus on results.

Code of Conduct

Our collectors will:

  • Understand the nature of each debt assigned.
  • Maintain designated work plans ensuring coverage.
  • Consistently maintain a professional approach to the business.
  • Gain an understanding of the debtors financial and resource position while seeking to recover the account over the shortest time period available.
  • Solve problems, mediate, and negotiate with the debtors in an effort to bring an account to a mutually favourable conclusion.
  • Consistently interact with management for direction and advise throughout the collection process.
  • Maintain strict security & confidence of all information acquired, understanding the information given or acquired is solely for the purpose of debt collection.