Our clients are only required to sign a listing agreement that acknowledges our rates and authorizes us to act on our clients behalf.

We have no requirement for any volume of accounts and regularly represent clients with only one account to assign.

Accounts for as little as $25.00 are accepted in our Small Balance Program.

Yes, we will accept accounts once they are reviewed and deemed potentially collectable. There is separate pricing for these types of accounts and all legal charges are pre-approved by our client.

We are the longest standing Nova Scotia based collection service provider and have been in business since 1969.

You can fax us your account information at 902-895-5633, or once registered with Keltic Collections you can use our on-line assignment form. You can also Contact Us at 902-895-1675 (800-653-4539 toll free in Canada) for additional information.

We collect throughout Atlantic Canada from our collection centre in Truro, Nova Scotia. We are also networked with a variety of service providers enabling coverage throughout North America. We provide our clients with full Canadian coverage daily.

Our standard trust remissions are done monthly, generally by the tenth working day of the following month by statement and cheque. Our systems enable us to customize trust remissions to meet our clients needs for early and special statements when required. Remissions can be direct deposited when required.

The statute of limitations can vary from six years to only two years depending on your jurisdiction. Most accounts assigned are less than a year old at the time of assignment. In many cases the age of the account will effect the rates charge upon recovery. The less aged the account assigned the greater possibility of recovery. Accounts with judgements taken prior to collection assignment may have a recovery window of twenty years. You can also Contact Us at 902-895-1675 (800-653-4539 toll free in Canada) for additional information.

No, in Nova Scotia (as in most Canadian Provinces) collection fees may not be charged to the debtor and are the responsibility of the creditor.

Yes, quite often the ability to locate and communicate with the debtor is the greatest challenge. At Keltic Collections each of our Collection Officers are skilled tracers utilizing specialized databases of information to establish communication. We focus on both the art and sciences of effective tracing and are highly successful in debtor location leading to recovery. We also have dedicated trace personnel with the primary mandate of debtor location.

No, our credit reporting agency is Equifax Canada and they will not accept claims for less than $100.00 and/or claims with incomplete information. In some cases the nature of the account does not enable us to report the collection assignment to the credit bureau, Contact Us at 902-895-1675 (800-653-4539 toll free in Canada) for additional information.

Yes, we provide Personal Property Registrations and Personal Property searches, as well as full bailiff services covering both process service and collateral recovery (repossessions). We also provide tracing services for law firms.